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Your falling faster , Obey your Master , Your life burns Faster, Obey your Master, Master, Master of puppets are pulling the strings, Twisting your lives and slashing your dreams



This page is meaks dedication 2 the gods of metal metallica they all started when james hetfeild and drummer cant remember his name (sorry mr drummer dude i think he died tho so if he did it defo wasnt lars) both put simlair adverts in a newspaper saying they were looking for a musical soul-mate who shared the same passion for a new style of metal to be formed . So with hetfeild ripping up the lyrics and rythem guitar and mr drummer dude on drums they needed more people on bass and guitar Cliff burton made the cut for the bassist and Kirk Kammet on Guitar and Thus formed Metallica

In Metallica at one point was a young gutarist called dave mustaine who played in a couple of their albums but when he stopped playing with metallica he went and formed a very similair band called Megadeth. So nice one dave youv been in 2 bands dat hav kicked us in the balls

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